Market launches...Positioning/Branding ...& Event management... are our specialties!

Services At-A-GLANCE

Product Launches & Events


 We handle everything from:

  • Product Positioning
  • Launch venue & Exhibit planning & Design
  • Marketing messaging
  • Press Strategy
  • Content development and social media strategy
  • Digital marketing 

Digital & Print MEDIA


Let us guide you on the best way to spend your limited budget for your products, and turn your tribal knowledge into actionable marketing deliverables:

  • Leveraging Web and social media  digital platforms (writing, editing, message development, visuals)
  • Digital marketing saves money over print (banners, text ads, e-blasts and email marketing)
  • Use of VIDEO (including high end virtual product animation)  and other visual digital media assets
  • Print campaigns and brochures
  • Social Media Campaigns (blogs, twitter, linked in)

Public Relations & Communications Strategy


We have over 30 years experience working with editors in the press to delivery quality "coverage" in your industry's top magazines and journals.   We handle all aspectsl:

  • Identify and outreach to key publications in your markets
  • Coordinate and develop messaging for your press releases and issuing online
  • Manage interviews and editorial opportunities to maximize your coverage
  • Conduct and facility product briefings between your subject matter experts and the press
  • Provide Press Training for your corporate spokesmen and subject matter experts

Industrial Markets EXPERTISE

Energy Markets: with a focus on Renewable


Experience in multiple energy market for industrial solutions:

  • Renewable Energy 
    • solar
    • wind
    • hydro 
  • Oil & Gas
  • Electric

We have worked in these markets for years, with significant players and bring valuable experience in media, PR, and trade show guidance. (non-competing customers only)

Aerospace, Military & More


Our experience in the aerospace and military markets spans over 15 years, working for and with some of the biggest names in military and aerospace suppliers.  We have participated in every layer of marketing, from shows, to product launches, to press and promotion.  

Industrial Recycling Market


We have clients in this space, and understand industrial recycling operations and machines and end product, and can bring expertise to the media, messaging, trade shows and other relevant marketing venues, to others, who do not compete directly .